The Mistakes Most Men Make with Thai Women – Don’t Let This Happen To You!

Thailand_women_for_ marriageI have personally met over 100 women from Thailand over the years who have hooked up with western men, many who had been convinced they would get married with him.

Some met in bars, some met on a Thai dating site (ThaiLoveLines or ThaiLoveLinks), many met other places. Of those, I know several who have gone on to travel with him to another country.

Here are the dangers and pittfalls, that I have seen trough my experience:

A guy goes to Thailand, meets a girl and falls in love with her. Then after only a few quick visits, he gets her a visa to his country. She goes with him back home and she is excited to get married, but after some weeks and great sex, it becomes obvious there isn’t much more and the couple has nothing in common. Here is the solution: Treat it like you would a relationship in your own country. You wouldn’t ask a girl to move in with you after a week back home would you? Take some time to develop a real connection

The guy feels bad about the financial resources (and lack thereof) of his girlfriend, so he begins supporting her financially. She loses her job because of that and her support group of coworkers (important in Thailand). That means she now has too much time on her hands and she’s is bored and back on the internet chatting with guys. All the while the guy is back home in his country worried about her. Say this to yourseld: “My money is mine”. Seriously. Do not send her a lot of money. When you meet her, fine, be a gentleman, buy her dinner and presents, but DO NOT hand over huge sums of money. A typical Thai monthly wage is 10,000-20,000 Baht. Don’t send her more.

thai-hottie_300Many guys forget to set boundaries for themselves in a relationship with a Thai girl, maybe because Thai girls are so good at using their femininity to their advantage.

They get walked all  over. Don’t let her do it. It’s not what she wants. She is testing you to see, if she can trust you to take care of her. If she finds out you are weak, then she will be dissapointed, but will take what she needs (emotionally, sexually and financially) and then leave.

Just tell them how it’s going to be on issues important to you. They will come around to accept it.

Are you sure you want a long term relationship? There are so many attractive girls in Thailand. Many guys get into a relationship and decide that they don’t want that. What do you want?

Last, remember: Money matters in Thailand. That’s just the way it is and there is no way you are going to get around it. Thailand has a fascination with money that would shame any greedy Wall Street broker. The key is to set limits on what money you are comfortable spending and sharing with your woman.

So where do you find a good woman in Thailand? It depends. You can find a good woman everywhere, even in the bars, but you stand the best chance if you look outside. Try internet dating or malls, shops and restuarants.

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