Thai Online Dating – Thailand’s Internet Dating Revolution

Many Thai women are interested in meeting foreign men, but are quite shy about actually taking steps in doing so. Thai culture has always placed a lot value on being ‘proper’ and going to bars, particularly Western style pubs or clubs, are not something that many Thai ladies feel comfortable doing. Fortunately, in recent years the internet has revolutionized the world of dating in Thailand as it has everywhere else. Thai women, like all other women, are great networkers and use the internet to keep in touch with friends and family, but also to make new friends and acquaintances.

Many foreigners who come to Thailand are surprised at how many internet café’s there are. This is because it still isn’t common for Thai people to have internet at home, where a family of several generations may share a smaller apartment, so it can be hard to get privacy. No problem though, as internet café’s are everywhere and cheap. I almost always see Thai girls chatting with their boyfriends online, both Thai and foreign, when I go to one. It’s like the internet offers some protection that makes an otherwise shy, Thai girl open up.

If you are using an internet dating site such as ThaiLoveLinks or ThaiLoveLines to find your dream Thai girl, then here are a few excellent tips:

  • Log on between 4pm to 12pm Thailand time to meet Thai women online. This is the time most Thai ladies are online, while some may be online between 8am to 4pm (at work!).
  • Be honest and open to Thai women online. Many are simply interested in hearing about your life, so share your world with them.
  • Never accept requests for money in any form, report them to the site admins immediately.
  • Talk to many Thai women online that you may be interested in meeting and then narrow the list down to who you could see a serious relationship with.
  • Only meet someone in person after you feel comfortable doing so.

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