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Attention: Men Seeking the Truth About Thai Bar Girls 

Turn On the Light. Unlock the Door. Here are Secrets About Thai Bar Girls That Can No Longer Be Kept in the Dark!

Expatriate Reveals the Shocking Reality Behind Thai Bar Girl Culture

Dear Friend:
Don’t Let a Trip to Paradise Turn Into a Living Hell!

What’s not to like about Thailand?  Incredible beaches. Easy living. Beautiful women.  The pace of life is slower.  Life proceeds with charm and an exquisite grace.

In contrast, the city nightlife is wild and free, an unending Bacchanalia where *anything* is possible.

Yet, many unwary men RUIN their lives and lose fortunes in Thailand because they don’t understand the culture and are ill-prepared for the ancient allure of the most beautiful of Asian countries.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Learn the Ins and Outs of Thai Bar Girl Culture From an Old Thai Hand

Hi, this is Jon Hansen, and I’ve lived in Thailand for the last five years, and they have been interesting years to say the least.

I’ve seen many Western men fall in love with Thai bar girls because they are not ‘emotionally prepared’ before going on vacation. They arrive in Thailand for the first time and are blown away because of attractive, fascinating girls treating them like movie stars and billionaires.

Many Western men stay in contact with these girls after they return home and are getting caught up in a game which they will finally, irrevocably lose.  They will walk away heartbroken, poorer, dazed, and confused….”

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