How To Find a Thai Wife – 3 Methods

A lot of guys who come to Thailand to retire or work/do business eventually end up in a relationship with a Thai girlfriend and some with a Thai wife.

Most of those guys, that I have met, are happy and have a loving, caring relationship with their female companion, which they sometimes felt lacked in their home country. They were tired of being counted out in the dating game because of their age or they found that many Western women have a lot of issues regarding love, sex and relationships. Many didn’t want to live alone anymore, so they went over here with the purpose to find a Thai wife. Others just thought it would be exciting to live in Thailand for a while, but did not go looking specifically for a Thai girlfriend or wife.

The reasons why many men find Thailand an attractive place to live is of course the warm climate, the low cost of living, the food, the organized chaos of everyday life, the smiles and of course the beautiful Thai women. Add to that afffordable health care, safety and a good sized expat population and you have a winning combination.

There are many thousand foreign expats living in Thailand in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui and even in Isaan and elsewhere. Most are in relationships with a Thai girl or play the game and ‘date’ several women at the time. Thailand is quite a tolerant country and does not have the same hangups over sexuality that Judeo-Christian cultures do.

I think Thai women are attractive to men for many reasons: The physical attraction is obvious, feminine, slender and petite bodies, long black hair and smooth, hairless skin. Thai women are renowned for their beauty and I tend to agree with those that say they are among the most beautiful in the world.

Thai women are also very family oriented and traditional in most ways. They value peace and serenity very high, which means you will rarely get into silly arguments over small things that really do not matter. Thai women, being very feminine, have no desire to compete with a man on his premises. They generally want a strong and assertive man that can make decisions, yet he should be humble, polite and kind. These kind of qualities are the same that women used to want in a man in the West before the feminist movement increased divorce rates tenfold.

For a guy looking to find a Thai wife, there are generally three ways to go about it:

1) Introductions

2) Online Dating / Matchmaking Service

3) Bar Girls / Hostesses / Waitresses

Let’s look closer at each of the three methods of meeting Thai women.

1) Introductions

By far the best way to meet Thai women is to get introduced trough friends and aquintances. This is the normal way that couples meet in Thailand. Thais are very social and group oriented and rarely do anything on their own if they can avoid it. That also means that they will invite whomever they know briefly to come join them for a snack, whisky or karaoke. Being introduced to a Thai lady makes it a lot easier to meet nice Thai women as they would not normally be the type that frequents bars and clubs. You also already have the social proof of being approved by the group, that’s a big plus. The only problem is that most foreigners in Thailand, who do not speak Thai, may find it hard to make Thai friends if they do not work or study. If that’s the case then it could be a good idea to sign up for language classes or even better offer to teach English at the local school or as an evening course. It’s worth making an effort to make some Thai friends where you can.

2) Online Dating / Matchmaking Service

The ‘Find a Thai Wife’ type of introduction services do not really exist anymore after the internet took off. There’s really no need for an introduction agency or similar, because the online dating scene in Thailand is thriving and every girl and their mother (literally!) has a profile on either ThaiLoveLinks or ThaiLoveLines. There are probably more than 1,000,000 girls signed up on these two combined. Add to this those who use Tagged, Facebook, Zorpia and Hi5 and you get a staggering number. Online dating can be a mixed bag. It’s definitely a very good way to meet nice Thai women, but as in real life, due dilligence needs to be taken. It’s easy to pretend on the internet, so take your time and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Chat with several ladies you are interested in and see if you can get them on Skype or the phone sooner rather than later. Remember that the girls also receive many emails, so getting to that next personal level is important. If you’re in Thailand, then I recommend you try to set up a coffee meet as soon as possible. It’s really hard to tell if chemistry is there over the internet. If you’re living abroad then I suggest using a webcam and Skype to keep in touch. Try and arrange for you to meet the girls you’ve been talking to on your next trip.

3) Bar Girls / Hostesses / Waitresses

Or ‘hired guns’ as I like to call them. Basically Thai girls who get paid to talk with you and entertain you in some way. Much has been written on the subject of Thai bar girls, so I won’t write too much about this. I will say though that I don’t think relationships with bar girls are a good idea. I have met some guys who made it work and I did date a ‘promo girl’ (not quite bar girl) for a while, but I found the partying and drama a bit too much. Of course, I don’t think you should stay away from bar girls at all, but I don’t think a relationship should begin or be based on money. If you do decide to look for a Thai wife in the bars, then I suggest you pursue a girl that hasn’t worked in the scene for long. These girls usually come to Bangkok or elsewhere with the romantic dream of meeting their prince on a white horse, but get disillusioned fast. If you meet one of these girls, then by all means treat her right and with respect and you may actually have found a diamond in the rough.

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