Going To Pattaya – Pattaya Girls 101

pattayagirlsIf you’re going to Pattaya on vacation or you have considered retiring there, you have probably heard about the girls of Pattaya. Oh yes! The women of Pattaya. Sexy, sweet, fun and looking for a guy like you! Sexy petite bodies, long dark hair and brown alluring eyes, you’re not the only if the Pattaya girls has made you interested!

There is likely nowhere on earth where there are more available attractive women in one place than in Pattaya. I’m not kidding! Pattaya has an abundance of available attractive young Thai women. And every day, more girls arrive in Pattaya, to chase their dream, party and relax. Most of them work in the bars and gogo’s.. They are from all places in Thailand, but many are from Isaan, the north east of Thailand. They grow up in rice paddies or work in low end boring jobs and dream of a better, more exciting life. Then one day, one of their friends return to the village. Now married to a Western man, her status has skyrocketed. Now the other girls in the village want to go to Pattaya. They are jealous and want a Western boyfriend as well!

Pattaya girls are simply great to spend time with. It’s not only hot sex, though that is a given. It’s more than that. It’s the way a Thai girl can make you feel strong, desired, wanted. If your days of youth are behind you, maybe you had all but given up on this, but hold on: you are not too old for a little fun yet! Sure, age matters everywhere, but it’s not a barrier in Pattaya. There is plenty of girls who’d like to make your acquaintance in Pattaya!

Where do you meet these girls of Pattaya? How do you make the most of your time?

Richard Gilmore is a Pattay retiree and expert in everything Pattaya and has wriiten a book named “Pattaya Girls”. It’s the ultimate guide to Pattaya. It’s only $20 and is single for immediate download as an ebook. If you are going to Pattaya, you must have this one!

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