Bangkok Girls

I’ve travelled all over the world from Brazil to Japan and I honestly think that there is nowhere in the world where there are so many attractive girls as in Bangkok. Some may disagree, different strokes for different folks, but if you prefer slender, feminine women, then Bangkok girls are for you.

Living in Bangkok, I can literally not walk 100 feet without meeting a very attractive young Thai girl. Bangkok girls dress, move and act with a certain grace and sensuality that just makes a man go wild. The young Isaan girl working on minimum salary in 7-11 to the Thai-Chinese princesse strolling around Emporium or the attractive professional Bangkok girl in office uniform in Silom, everywhere you turn there’s another beautiful girl.

Meeting girls in Bangkok is quite easy once you know where to look. There’s girls everywhere in Bangkok, so why limit yourself to the bars? Thai girls are very polite and will NEVER shoot you down for approaching and trying to make small talk. This of course only applies if you are polite and well dressed. I need to stress this, I see too many guys behaving as if they were in a bar talking to bar girl. Can you imagine how embarrassing it must be to talked to that way for a nice Thai girl?

As long as you are polite and pleasent, you will be amazed at how easy it is to meet Bangkok girls. Strike up an innocent conversation and see where it takes you. If she asks questions about you, laughs and tosses her hair, then go ahead and ask for her phone number. It’s that easy, just keep it playful and polite all the way.

Another great way to meet Bangkok girls is using the internet. There’s a bunch of Thai dating sites, some reviewed here. Dating sites are great because they allow many ‘shy’ Thai women to meet Western guys. Many Thai women are actually quite conservative and never go out unless with a large group of friends. That means they rarely get a chance to meet foreign guys even if they are curious and would like to. On the internet, these women can chat and arrange meet ups from the safety of their own home. This is a great way to meet nice Bangkok girls. I’ve had many successful dates with girls I met online.

I suggest making all first dates in Bangkok as informal as possible. Something like coffee at Starbucks will do fine. Then if I feel like the date is going well, I will suggest doing something else rigth away. It can be anything really, going shopping and having her help pick out stuff for you is great, then you can round it up with dinner or drinks in the evening.

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