Asian Women For Marriage – Thailand or the Philipines?

thaigirl10There are many, many single Asian women who would like to meet American and European men for marriage. Many men have met their wives abroad by using Asian dating sites or matchmaking services and have started happy families. In this article you will find the steps to take to meet Asian women for marriage.
In what countries can you find Asian women for marriage?

There are single women all over Asia who would like to meet an American man, but most succesful marriages are between Western men and women from Thailand or the Philipines. The divorce rates for American-Filipina and American-Thai marriages is actually lower than for American-American marriages. There’s no doubt that you can find Asian women for marriage in any Asian country, but Thailand and Philipines are obvious choices for several reasons.

The majority of men that marry Asian women are married to Thais and Filipinas though.Both countries are beautiful and so are their women.


Thailand is a popular tourist destination and has the advantage of being very easy to travel to. The infrastructure is good and most Thais speak at least some English. Thai women are renowned for their beauty and femininity. There are probably more American men married to Thai women than any other Asians.. Thai woman are caring, sweet and fun and are great homemakers. The only downside to Thailand is that English is not as widely spoken as in the Philipines. Thai culture is also very different than American. All in all though, Thailand should be most mens first priority.


The Philipines

The Philipines is just a beautiful and friendly country. Filipinas are just as beautiful and feminine. They are also Christian.. Treat a Filipina right, show her respect and love, and she will walk to the ends of the earth with you. English is spoken in the Philipines as almost a first language. The Philipines is a poorer country than Thailand though.. This does mean it’s not as easy and comfortable to travel there. Then again, Filipinas adapt very well to living abroad, since so many do so already.

If you want to meet Thai women I recommend ThaiLoveLines as your matchmaker. If you want to meet Filipina women, I recommend FilipinaHeart. Good luck!

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